Mommy, what does dull mean?

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

“Mommy, what does ‘dull’ mean?”
I glanced into the earnest face of my 5 year old son.
At the traffic light I had a moment.
“Boy, do you see that patch of ground over there?” (a wind was howling, the humidity was high and the dry earth was in need of a downpour) “That’s dull, it looks as though it has no life. Lift your head my boy, look up.” (Growing out of the unhappy soil was a tree)
“Look at that soil compared to the tree.”
The trees bark was rich brown, it’s leaves a bright green.
“Do you see my darling, even though the earth looks dull, there is something vibrant and alive growing out of it.”
He saw and understood.
A while later, I sat at my computer and looked up the word, dull. The dictionary stated that it meant a lacking in luster or brilliance, a lacking in force or intensity, a lack of zest or vivacity.
Dull can be a safe place for us to hide. All too often life’s pain has removed the zest.

We no longer feel vivacious.
The intensity we felt before is numbed.

As we get older, as we see more and experience more. Reality that is often rather ugly holds out its hand to us, and yet again we slip into dull mode. It’s easy; nothing is expected of us there.

BUT, remember that the way my son really understood what dull meant was by seeing the opposite growing from it.
Are you are looking down at the dull, brownish existence and not up?

I challenge you, I challenge myself – let’s lift our heads and see the creativity that the dull brownish soil can produce.
Look up and find the tree.
Find a place where there is a spark of zest.

It’s in you.

It’s there.

I know it.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to find the spark.


2 thoughts on “Mommy, what does dull mean?

  1. Oh my love… are a beautiful creative person yourself..and romantic….and your words are like the balm of the tree of healing in revelations…thank you for seeing with Elishas eyes……… introduce the things we miss and need oh so badly…………..may you continue to sharpen your sight to see more…….and share to a world what we are missing………….

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