Oh I’m not artistic or anything like that!

Hi it’s me and we’re talking creativity.

Many are overwhelmed at the very thought of creativity and most often (whew!) relegate it to the arts.

The arts – artists, musicians and the like are neatly packaged and plastered with the sign eccentric and talented, a different and difficult bunch.
It’s lovely to be able to hand creativity over to those strangely talented people who live in a world of their own entertaining us when we feel like  it. Often we view ‘them’ as we would an interesting animal in the zoo.
“Oh look, there goes that strange lady wearing a scarf on her head, I hear her paintings are lovely, Ooo she’s very creative.”
So we are off the hook, generally untalented, we are mediocre and creative does not really apply to us.
One less thing to worry about, so glad we weren’t born to be artists and off we go to our somewhat dull lives and leave the really colourful stuff to others.  We know that we are good at tidying drawers and keeping things in order, be it people, files or numbers.  We are real about who we are.  Realistic that’s the word.  But what if, just what if, we are missing the point?

What if creativity does NOT belong to the art world much like numbers don’t belong to a bank?
What if creativity doesn’t belong to that funny lady with the scarf on her head who paints?
What if you own a portion and hardly ever use it?

Creativity does NOT belong to the art world.
Creativity is something that most of us secretly long for and why?
Because, (and this I believe to be true) it’s an unused part of ourselves that’s lying in the dark, just waiting to be considered.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to consider creativity.


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