The God Essence

Hi it’s me and we’re talking creativity

It’s exhilarating!
The word CREATE.

Also thrilling is the fact that the word creativity originates from the word CREATE .
CREATE means to bring into existence, to shape or form, to give rise to.
In Gen 1 v 1 the Hebrew word ‘Bara’ is used. The action involved with the word is the first activity of biblical history.
It is used exclusively to refer to God’s creative work; it refers to creating things “ex nihilo” (ex knee ello), or out of nothing.”  Now that is majestic!
Creativity has wondrous beginnings with God at its very center.  He is the Creator of a word that we are exploring and He is at its essence.

Creativity holds hands with imagination but we know that what God did went way,way beyond the imaginative.
As we view beautiful discoveries that science reveals to us.  It’s as though science peels through the layers of God’s creativity, naming it, labeling it, defining it and at the next turn is faced with yet another vast room to explore, a room with a door into yet another vastness and so on.

We are created beings, created in the image of God; therefore it makes sense that he created us to be creative human beings does it not?
That because of who He is, we each have an essence of creativity within us.
Not the ‘bara’ ability to create out of nothing, but the essence to be creative with what we have.
Whether we choose to use it or not, whether we like it or not.

It is there!

This is Tania Ahlfeldt imploring you… to choose to use it!


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