We all have stories

Hi this is Tania and we’re talking creativity


What does it evoke in you when you hear that word?
Do you find yourself bored and falling asleep in a dusty classroom?

Or could it be HIS story or HER Story?

This, points to you.

Your story.
What is your story?
What I am most interested in is the story of your creativity.
Can you trace it?
Where did it begin?
Was it allowed to soar when you were 5?
Did your older brother break it down?

Our lives are packages of many his stories and her stories.
Follow the trail right back to when you were a child.
All children are born creative, they all express it– it’s expected.
Children are encouraged to draw and paint in their early years.
We hand them paper and crayons.
But – somewhere in the importance of life, it ends and they are no longer expected to paint or draw or express in that way.
The door closes.
As a child when that door was open, you were expressing yourself, your imagination was alive, you expected your brain to see things with a creative eye.
Be it the purple roofed house you were drawing or a supersonic car that could take you anywhere at the push of a button.
It was all alive to you in the moment.
You never got the car but you lived it when you drew that picture, it was alive!

How do you express your desires now?
Maybe you nag,  maybe you’re numb, do you hope silently?

Buy yourself a journal and trace the history of your creativity – you might be surprised to find that it was alive and well.
You might be shocked to discover how early the door closed on it.

You might be intrigued to realize that it’s still there waiting for you.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt hoping you’ll find what is waiting for you.


One thought on “We all have stories

  1. i’m inspired to re-tink where i’ve been & find the place the door might have closed, hoping to push it ajar, just a little – perhaps what is on the other side may be something i love & did not even know existed.

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