Double Beige and the Garden Gnomes

Hi it’s Tania and we’re talking creativity

Double beige refers to colourless as opposed to colour filled be it attitude or how we physically cram our world.

There’s a house I take pleasure in driving past.
The owners have paved their front garden right to the road and painted their numerous pots in bright primary colours.
They’ve varnished the brick work; there are painted gnomes and little concrete cast animals in profusion.
Each has the same primary gloss finish. Each is tended with fervor and care.
Whenever I’m in the area I make a point of driving past this house.
Spilling from it right to the verge is evidence of people expressing a passion.
This couple, whoever they might be stand out from the rest of suburbia.
If I have to recall a single home in the area I wouldn’t be able to as they all blur into one, but this one – NOT!
I experience a surging within me when I see it – it actually makes me feel happy!
A similar kind of happiness I imagine the owners feeling when they tend their treasure.
This exceptional home does not fit into the double beige norm.
It is interesting and different.
It shouts of people who took a chance and have allowed the world a glance at who they really are.

Do you allow the world a glimpse of who you really are?

Or maybe you’re in hiding, behind a facade that is beige upon beige…

This is Tania Ahlfeldt urging you to take pleasure in the unique taste of others.

Photo: Patrick Bennett


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