Double Beige. You don’t have to like it to love it.

Do you know the term double beige?

I have an aunt, and she’s not just any aunt,
she’s a glorious aunt, a ‘sparky’ lady, the kind I wish everyone had in their lives.
She taught me about living or not living for that matter, a double beige life.
I love those words, “Double beige.”
What’s a double beige life you might well ask and I can only describe it as a life without colour.
Emotionally we can feel double beige.
We can even have a double beige attitude to anything that is different!
Colourless verses colour filled.

Here is one example.
Often when friends and I drive past houses where the owners have taken huge chances with colour I hear the words, “Can you believe the colours they’ve painted that house – it’s revolting!”.
And I just smile, because if anything I know that those owners have decided against double beige.
They took a chance.
They are giving us something to look at!
Orange and purple might make people smirk, but to me it shows an inkling of passion lurking in the heart of the person who lives there.
I love it!
I love it when people take chances with colour.
It is not necessary for me to like it, I just feel energized at the chance they took.
Colour is infectious and some people just can’t live without it.
I urge you, instead of being stereotypical judges of it, rather love them for it!
Relax in the fact that you don’t have to paint your house in a wild spectrum of colour, but instead of criticizing – relish in the fact that they’ve chosen against double beige!

This is Tania Ahlfeldt challenging you that you don’t have to like it to love it!


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