Who are you really?

Hi, me again and we’re talking creativity

We all do it, the mask.

It protects and shelters us; it’s there to prevent damage.

The smile when you don’t feel like smiling.
The quiet when you have something to say.
Many of us don’t enter into creative activity or thought processes because it might make us look silly and show us up.

The late authoress Brenda Ueland conducted writing classes in New York city in the early 1900’ds.
Way ahead of her time she observed one young man who week after week brought in pieces about a man and his wife and their raucous quarrels.  The work lent itself to funniness but didn’t succeed.
Brenda was suspicious that this rough work full of belching and toothpicks was a projection and a mask.
She called him to one side and encouraged him to write something from himself.
“Try not to hide; I want to see who you are and what at you really care about.”  He said he’d try.

The following week he brought in an episode about a young man who waking from a wretched dream, felt relief and comfort at the thought of his wife in bed next to him.
Then, came the gradual dawning and desolation – as he remembered that there was no one there as she’d died days before.
Brenda describes his piece as beautifully written, tenderhearted and sad.
His vocabulary was unrecognizable compared to previous works.
His words were exquisitely chosen, the description of the dream and the struggle to consciousness was perfection.
This young man chose to stop hiding and to show a piece of his soul.
His moment of magnificence came because someone encouraged him to drop the mask.
It was that mask that had prevented the flow.

It is the mask that prevents our flow.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to recognize the mask.


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