Double Beige vrs Spaces that Ooze Personality

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity

How do you feel when you walk into a space that oozes personality?
I wrote this sitting in an area that echoed the personality of the owner.
Her touches were like thoughts that sprinkled the place.
Everything about it made me want to stay.
The day was blustery and chilly, warm looking lamps were lit at tables.
French music played.
Crusty loaves lay on the worn counter.
The coffee smell was freshly roasted.
This lady and the space she had created made me feel more creative.

Now the double beige opposite would be, let’s say an office environment –
fluorescent lights, ugly office chairs and a team trying to brainstorm their next move.

How does the environment you are in affect your creative thought processes?
Many of us have a double beige attitude to our environment.
Double beige, a quirky term I use for colourless verses colour filled refers to many things
from the way we feel about something, to a room we are in.
Maybe your team at work needs to get out of the office space and onto the beach to explore or brainstorm new ideas.
Perhaps you are a husband trying to broach an issue with your wife.
Try seeking out a space that invigorates her and approach the issue in a new way, with a fresh outcome in mind.
Are you at home and all looks brown? Paint a wall – give it colour, you have permission to!

Fear holds us back from colour.
Fear traps us into the safe option.
Fear tells us that other people won’t like it.
Fear saps the brave.

Yes, colour is for the brave. All bold statement are.
Get fresh.

Get colour filled.
Demonstrate it in how you love and the colours you choose.
Throw double beige out and be exhilarated!
Seek out spaces that inspire you.
Create spaces that inspire you.
Be brave.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt joining you as we seek out the spaces that inspire.

PS: Bocadillos, 181 Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Drink their coffee, eat their food – soak in the space.
(it’s the one where the trees are wrapped in red)
(Thanks Gill & Kerry)


3 thoughts on “Double Beige vrs Spaces that Ooze Personality

  1. Wow, I came to my little room to study and needed inspiration. I have a rule not to turn on the PC during study time, thankfully I broke the rule. I received the link and decided to have a little peek. I am blown away!!! I feel so inspired to take my books into the garden, where there is lots of colour to inspire me to study. Today will be the start of my journey of colours. Thank you Tania for sharing this gift of inspiration.

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