Double Beige – The Attitude

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Right now as you go about your day is there an attitude you feel you have that needs a colour injection?
Just as a piece of furniture can be restored and reworked so can an attitude.

I have a hunger for colour not just around me but in my head, however many of the attitudes that I carry with me are double beige;
they’re colourless, old and worn.
They’ve ceased to work for me.
Attitudes mouldy with time, attitudes that hang on instead of letting go.
Is there an attitude that is draped around your neck that needs a bit of restoration work?
Something that is damp and colourless?
We all have them.
Maybe you are 17 and the rebellious stance just isn’t working for you anymore.
Are you brave and creative enough to shed it?
Perhaps you know that your husband loves to be hugged but you’re just not that kind of person.
Can you love him enough to embrace him often – you might find you start to like it.
Do you let your baby cry at night because that is what the book says you should do?
Will you take the chance to ditch the book and follow your heart?
Right now take a pen and write something down.
What one word describes the double beige attitude are you carrying around with you today?
Defiant, obstinate, unloving?
Choose to let go of it and do something practical to change it.
We can get creative with our attitudes!
Do something right now.
I am.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt suggesting that you toss out double beige and replace it.


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