Surround Yourself with the Things you Love

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Last year I asked my older son what I could do to make his room more comfortable.
“I want a nice big warm blanket mommy” was the answer.

That weekend he chose a large purple blanket for the grand price of R99.
This blanket has done much for his comfort.
Firstly he made the decision that he wanted one and then chose it himself.
I find him wrapped in it even in summer.
It lies at the bottom of his bed only to be dragged to the breakfast table, and into the car.
A few weeks ago we went for a bush walk and there was Ethan in his gumboots and blanket.
The cloaked purple figure on the pathway ahead of us gave my husband and I a good laugh.
What do you surround yourself with that makes your life feel better?
Surrounding ourselves with things that we love can be a very comforting experience.
Ethan has taken his blanket beyond the practical it’s a cloak, it’s a tent it can go with on holiday.
Often we are so tied up in the practical that we cannot consider what we really love to have around us.
We deserve comfort; we deserve a life that feels better.
Ask yourself the question.
Tune in to what it is that you love.
Perhaps it will be as simple as going home and lighting that fire in your fireplace.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to open up to the things you love.


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