What do you love to have around you?

A glimpse into Willie Bester's home.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity.

Have you surrounded yourself with the things you love?
This question got me thinking about decor magazines.
At every turn of the page I feel as though I step into someone’s head space and at times their heart space
where their personality, quirks and humor lie before me on the page.
The homes that I admit turn my stomach are those where money seems to flow out of the door and the personality of the owner is nowhere to be seen.
It’s as if some faceless person has had a hand in the positioning of every chair,
but others…
Oh my heart soars and at times I want to laugh out loud at the beauty of a world
where tongue in cheek is very much allowed in the way we decorate.
SA artist Willie Bester has the shell of a Mini motor car suspended from the
ceiling of his lounge.
His audacity at doing that!
His complete freedom to create a home that shouts, “This is me and this is what I like!” resounds inside me.
So often we are tied down by money and the thought that we need the big,
expensive stuff.
I feel a thrill at sitting at the simply set, beautiful, old wooden table of a friend, and using napkins embroidered by her grandmother.
Ancient family photographs, a comfy cushion, lit candles all speak of what we love.
I had a friend who would put bunches of green, green grass into vases because she saw the beauty in a single blade.
What we surround ourselves with says much about who we are.
Our homes need to be more than merely functional.
We need to be more than functional.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and my question is this; beyond the people you care for, what do you love to have around you?


2 thoughts on “What do you love to have around you?

  1. Hi Tanya…We’re in the process of buying our first home…..and the first time i’ve been in a position to be picking out carpets and fireplaces and paint colours…I find it all a bit overwhelming but I am desperate for this house to be a real home….a place where the kids want to come back to. A place where they wake up in the morning and feel safe in….and a place where friends come for a cup of tea and the tea tastes nice just because it’s been made in my kitchen… all of those things that I have felt in other people’s homes and wanted for myself. So i’m embarking on a bit of a journey and so i’ll be tuning in to read about what you have to say! 🙂

    1. Hi April! that sounds exciting and I do have a bit of advice for you. Whatever you do for your home, do it authentically and NOT to impress. So often we pick out things with others in mind. Every paint colour, every item should be there because YOU love it. It has nothing to do with your friends or mom or mom-in-law. It has everything to do with you and your family. So throw caution to the wind and EXPRESS, never impress. Love every second of building your environment. Be quirky and funny if you want to. Express who you are in your home and your tea will taste delicious EVERY time! Love T xx

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