More Than Functional

D Sharon Pruitt

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity.

What is your function?
What is your practical purpose?
Most of us can start reeling off all the functions we have in life.
It gives us such a feeling of being needed.
Our functions demand from us and almost robotic-ally we fulfill their purpose.
Our functionality becomes our identity.
We become that thing we do.
What is that thing you do?
Have you given it its rightful place in your life?
I’m exploring the fact that we are
more than functional.
Our lives have more to them than the purpose of practicality.
All too often our extreme level-headedness deprives us.
Our ‘practicalness’ can be like thorns warding off the good things that want to touch us.
Removing the thorns so that the good things that want to touch you can could be one of the best things you do for yourself.
If you feel that I’m speaking in code what I am saying is that when I tell my son to leave me be so that I can do the practical thing that is so important, I am missing out on a moment where I could engage with him.
My practical thorn has pushed him off.
When you don’t take your daughter out for coffee because you are working on an assignment (yet again),
your practical thorn has warded off a creative moment of relationship building.
Our functionality, safe, predictable and boring doesn’t know its place.
It’s a compulsion that consumes us and makes us believe that we’re nothing without it.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt checking in to see if you’re addicted to your function?


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