Express or Impress?

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Making an impression can be an exhausting ordeal.
The need to impress is like a cancer in our society.
Whatever has happened to just being real?
My take on this is that we need to express rather than impress.
To express opens up communication, whereas trying to impress seems to close it down.

Let’s take entertaining for example.
So many women see entertaining as an obligation to impress the guests
and so a huge amount of pressure is loaded onto the hostess.
I’ve started seeing entertaining as a means of expressing myself and that opens the door
to being in real contact with the guest as opposed to being in a contest with them.
Trying to impress means it’s you against them.
Expressing yourself in your cooking, in the candles you light, the music you play is thrilling.
Laying a table to prepare a place for your guest as opposed to making them gasp at your extreme expertise
is liberating.
Consider what you love to eat and cook.
Consider an environment that makes you feel special,
then invite someone around (it might be a hot-dog picnic in the middle of the lounge to candlelight and Mozart).
Have some fun with it.

The worse meals I’ve had have been at homes where the heart of hospitality was not true.
The most uncomfortable evenings have been with people striving to impress and not being authentic.
It is better to eat a sandwich with a true friend, than a fillet steak in the home of someone who merely sees you as another victim to impress.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and I’m into the art of expression!


2 thoughts on “Express or Impress?

  1. It’s amazing though, you impress so much by just being you.
    I love supper, I look forward to coming home, anticipating what you have made. Life at home has been impressive Taan. You surely impress me!

  2. My darling precious friend………you lift my heart and bring life to my soul with the words you write.and even more by who you are….i am so blessed to know you as you just be yourself…a journey i am on now to define who i am not thru people, but thru my Jesus…and i love that in this moment of my lifes walk you come and say it just like it should be….i am turning from impressing to expressing……..and that is where i am finding freedom!! Thank you for being another voice that echoes the heart of the Father…that gets the realness of Him and of yourself that inspires me…and many others…do not stop!! Express till the cows come home girl…love u lots!! Kate xx

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