These purple shoes made me think of this.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Never say no to purple.

I often think about who I am going to be when I am old. I believe that we need to make decisions in our youth about who we’ll be when we get older. It’s so easy to lose oneself and creep into bitterness.
So this here is my hope.

When I am old I won’t have purple hair, but I will wear purple shoes.
I’ll always wear lipstick and I won’t moan in ques.
I’ll still swim naked at night, drink whiskey by the fire and enjoy good chocolate.
I’ll expect romance.
I will paint wildly and sensitively.
I will love deep and drink copious amounts of coffee with friends.
I will read new books and try new recipes.
I will hold Alan’s face in my hands and kiss it, often.
I won’t be surprised when God loves me.
I’ll take up karate.
I’ll keep a big box of wacky toys handy for my grandchildren.
I will listen (or try to at least).
I will lie in the warm sand at the beach and let it get into my hair.
I will still the critical voice and open up to new technology.
I’ll laugh with my grown up kids and try to understand their life.
I will say, “That’s wonderful” instead of, “but should you?”.
I will heat my home in winter so that it’s comfy and keeps people in.
I will be real.
I will reveal my heart.
I will prove that women are still women at 79.
I won’t long for youth because I’ve already been there.
I’ll let my home be a little higgledy piggledy and I’ll relish bright colours.
I will be wise.
I will be the unboring.


20 thoughts on “These purple shoes made me think of this.

  1. beautiful…..a life filled with the most vibrant of colours, a life which is lived without fear of criticism, being true to who you are and rejoicing in the love and acceptance of others. You are a strong woman of God who will be an example to many, men and woman alike. God bless you on this journey.

  2. ❤ I'll join you with the purple shoes, DEFINATELY! 🙂 Living life to the fullest, not allowing my fears to get the upper hand, be an encourager, take things easy peasy and love with all my heart…

  3. What can i say precious Taan….your colour in life colours my world and my heart everytime we are together…..and when we are old we will still be coloured by you….thank you for making me see the brighter colours and allowing me to touch and experience them so i live more free….you are a blessing beyond words!! Lets go shopping for purple shoes!!!!! Love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Love those purple shoes!!… often think what I will be like when I’m older.. always used to think my age was old until I got here:). Scary thoughts are when your teenage daughter thinks more sensibly than her middle aged mom:)) ….love your thoughts and i do aim to be carefree, fun, trendy and sneaking kisses with my Greg…at 79!!

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