The Perfect Man?

David by MICHELANGELO Buonarroti 1504 (Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence)

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking about the Renaissance man…

I am always fascinated by past culture and my dream would be
to cloak myself in invisibility and travel through time.
During the Renaissance they were besotted with the perfect man
hence the magnificent sculpture of  David by Michelangelo.

The perfect man was firm and strong of stature.
He was intelligent and curious, muscular, sporty,
plus he appreciated and wrote poetry, sonnets
and played a musical instrument.
He was interested in science and how the world about him functioned.
Worship was vital to the Renaissance man who saw his physical
and spiritual man integrated.

What would the equivalent be today?
A man who writes poetry on the golf course
and composes music as he swims his daily kilometer?
One who can pull out the violin after the staff meeting
and build his own rocket ship?
One who honors God, his wife and can read the weather patterns?

What was interesting when looking at Renaissance man was that
his creative ability was seen to be as important as his physical,
intellectual and spiritual proficiency!
His heart, spirit and head all took center stage.
I am picking on the men I know but the desire to be this specimen
was shared by many centuries ago.

I remember when my Dad in law retired a couple of years back.
His life had been filled with growing a business and yet
within the new relaxation he found himself in,
he wrote poetry that moved us!

The Renaissance man had to excel in multiple fields.
Impossible I know, but what I got out of reading about him
was that creativity was expected of men.
It is within you (words I say over and over again).
Don’t be afraid of him because – at present, in general, he is being trampled underfoot.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt asking you to put your creative man back
where he belongs.


9 thoughts on “The Perfect Man?

  1. Ok, ok, ok. Now as psychologists we speak of projection, er, ok perhaps that’s not the right word in this case. But note I am the husband and everything said in this blog by said wife might not be relevant to me. What am I trying to say? It doesn’t matter, carry on regardless. It’s just that ….

  2. Oh, the renaissance man — I am still looking for him! I think that most creative types can take a man and use the imagination to make him a “renaissance man.” …… it doesn’t last, but it sure is nice for the moment.

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