Wake Up!

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Hi this is Tania  and we’re talking creativity.

I clearly remember the day I woke up to the immense creativity of humanity.
I was enjoying a coffee in the café of a large bookshop in Johannesburg,
South Africa and suddenly I felt startled and overwhelmed
by the amount of books, each line sharing a new idea that surrounded me.
Both my husband and I knew that even if we spent everyday reading
for the rest of our lives we’d never get through them all.
On just one day, in one bookshop in Jhb were more ideas
than we could absorb in a lifetime!

That day was a wake up to the fact that my life is full of the
creativity of others.

From the moment I turn on the radio in the morning,
to the book I put down before I sleep at night,
my life is impacted because another human being
said ‘yes’ to their creative instinct.

Our joys are in part because so many people have embraced
the creative part of their God given identity.

The author SARK says that it is tempting to sleepwalk through life,
to tell half-truths, to listen half-way, to be half asleep to drive with half attention.
We need you as an alive and awake human,
listening and contributing.
Wake up to your own creative genius
and let it out into the world!
Wake up to your power and use it wisely.
Wake up to your pain and investigate it.
Wake up to the dull old parts that you are hiding from the light.
Wake up to love and let it flood through you.
Wake up to those around you and let them affect you.
Live in the center of your life.

All to often we live as shadows on the outskirts of our lives.
What part of your life is in shadow?
Are you in the center?
What has to happen before you are?

May you wake up.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt challenging you to ask God to wake you up.

PS: So often I find myself in a daydream type of day where I live outside of myself.
I respond in a numb kind of way to everything that happens around me.
It’s a safe little place where my walls are up and I just observe and at times endure…
I am challenging myself to wake-up.
Wake up and feel, listen, see, experience, be.

Not being awake is being in a place of perpetual hiding.
God wants us fully alive.
He didn’t create us to die to the world around us.
i don’t want to be the walking dead.

Fully ALIVE!


3 thoughts on “Wake Up!

  1. reminds me of the quote by nelson mandela (not his original quote, i think it first came from someone else), where he says that there is “nothing enlightened about shrinking” and that”as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

  2. I am back in the land of the living and yes I am trying to wake up!! There is so much ‘out there’ and within us, now all I need to do is tap into it.

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