Do You Remember?

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Hi it’s Tania and we’re talking creativity.

Do you remember the adventures you had as a child?
We bought a big old house in Walmer, Port Elizabeth its garden was rambling,
out of control and wild (much to my mother’s horror)
but this garden brought out the conqueror in me.
I made trails and went to distant lands;
I discovered a mulberry tree heavy with berries and hid amongst reeds.
Our garden become a world and my imagination played and played.
I’ve decided that we deserve adventurous lives.
Living as we do behind closed doors we consider going down into town
a moment of dangerous adventure!
Our society is what it is but ordinary has replaced any form of
extra ordinary in our lives.

Let’s WAKE up to adventurous moments both big and small.Yes you can go to the movies alone and smuggle a soft serve in!
You can post an invitation to your husband inviting him out on a date.
You can take your Dad out for lunch on a Tuesday.
You can laugh in the long, long que.
You can plant a veggie garden and give all you grow to the poor.
You can invite a bunch of friends over for coffee after the kids have gone to bed.
You can eat cake for breakfast.
You can be brave and adventurous without money.
You can light candles in the day and pray without closing your eyes.
My best times with friends have been moments on my couch with hot water bottles,
coffee and candles – in the middle of the day!

At the age of 33 I spent a month backpacking in America with only $50 a day and God as my adventure companion.

I ate delicious crab in a warehouse in DC,
cried as I stood in front of the Native American display at the Museum of National History,
hugged a giant redwood in California,
saw a rat as big as a cat in Miami,
had God speak to me though a yellow pencil in New York.
It was wild, memorable and worth it.

When last did you lie in bed and dream instead of worry?

The spirit to explore is in each of us, take baby steps, and come out of hiding.

This is Tania challenging you to ask God to wake you up.


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