My Dad

Hi this is Tania and we’re talking dads.

Have you ever written a letter to your dad creatively
telling him why you love him?
Sure he worked late and paid the bills,
but what about those good memories of him,
tucked inside of you that he needs to know about?
When I write to my dad I’ll tell him that I remember how big he was when I was so small –
it felt secure and he could chase away any bogeyman.
I remember that he was the handsomest dad of them all
and that he bodysurfed with me on his back at Kings Beach.
I remember how he loved my mom and how his eyes lit up
when she walked into a room.
I remember that I believed my dad could fix ANYTHING,
including ‘weld’ any plastic doll that broke.
I remember how my dad believed in me and how
I made him smile so wide.
I remember that he was the very best braaier,
I believed he could win any competition hands down.

I remember the day he took part in a beauty competition at the Glen Eden Caravan Park
and made us roll with laughter as he minced up and down with a shower cap,
earrings and lipstick – his legs were the best ever and he won!
He was a real man who had the guts to laugh at himself.
I remember how loyal he was to his job and his family.

My dad can make the world’s best curry and can still fix anything I need him to.
My dad still loves my mother.
My dad likes to drink coffee with me.
I know where my dad’s chocolate stash is and our taste buds enjoy the same stuff.

My dad deserves more than a gown and slippers every Father’s Day.
He deserves to know that he can still chase the bogeyman
and that even when we drive each other nuts he’s very loved.
What do you have to tell your Dad?

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to be creative with love, so tell him why you love him.

PS: many of you have lost a father, spiritually or physically.
This doesn’t have to stop you from writing to him.
Put your feelings onto paper.


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