Feeling the Love

Photo: Tania K Ahlfeldt

Hi this is Tania and we’re talking creativity.

I have a friend called Mike and ever so often he talks about “feeling the love”.
It could be when we share a cappuccino or
I’ve sent a bowl of soup to the office via my husband Al.
Simple things make Mike “feel the love”.

As I write this it’s 5 in the morning and
I’m at my computer with a warm bean bag and a coffee.
Loving creatively has been on my mind.
Yesterday I had 20 children racing through my home,
it was Aaron’s 6th birthday party and the Scooby Doo cake
was in part eaten by the dog!
Whew, I survived the day but didn’t spend much
time with my son who was in the earnest throws
of having the best time possible.
How to love him creatively?

This morning I wrote a simple letter
telling him about his day and simply
how I feel about him as a six year old.
It took me 10 min and I’ve slipped it into a
box of keepsakes I have for him.
Have you ever read a letter of love written
by your Mom or Dad to you
when you were a child?
How would you feel if you came
across such a letter?

Writing the odd love letter to your child
is a step of creativity.
I’m not tying myself down to doing this every year.
There’s no pressure here.
If he only has this one letter to open
when he is a man it will be enough.
Hopefully my simple act of creative love will feed
his heart at the right time and a letter can be
reread and reread.
It can feed over and over again.
It can be soup for the soul.
As Mike says, it’s all about “feeling the LOVE.”

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to love creatively.


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