More Feeling the Love

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Hi, this is Tania and we’re talking creativity.

What makes you”feel the LOVE”?
My friend Mike uses this term whenever he gets that
warm feeling in his heart brought on by a simple connection.
It’s the simple connections that we as humans crave.
It’s the connection that I crave!

I’ve spent time thinking about what made me feel the love in the past week.
At my son’s 6th birthday party my friend Jacqui’s famous Pavlova
took pride of place at the table,
she effortlessly shooed a huge rain spider out of the house
and into a bug box for the kids to observe,
she stirred the soup on the stove and even made supper for me that night.
I joked that she made me feel as though I had a wife!

My mom-in-law baked for me,
my mom baked with me and did a myriad of other things.
My beautiful man Al ran around and
performed countless tasks.
They all served me and served alongside me.
They all made me feel the love by their connection to my need.

Who connects to your need?
Who is serving you?
Who makes you feel the love?
Do you take it for granted?
Can you tell them that they make you feel the love?
Coax the gratitude out of hiding.
Saying how you feel about the love you receive
can be a revolutionary act on your part.

There is magic in true gratitude;
there is blessing in sincere words of love.
Indulge the person who serves and loves you with words of love and affirmation.
Tell them,”You make me feel the love!

Love is a creative act and you are built to play the part.

This is Tania, reminding you that love is an active ingredient in your creativity.


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