The Only Home to Aim at having.

Photo: Linda Næsfeldt

Goosebumps rose on my arms.
It was simply put and it delved into my desire.
I was reading an account of how
Norwegian artist Gunilla Holm Platou and her husband Eivind Stoud Platou
approached the interior design of their home.
Her snippet below is uncomplicated, one that many
might have skimmed past.

Look at the down to earth mind-set that
Gunilla has and see how you can apply it
to your home environment.

Photo: designsponge

“We have an effortless approach to decorating,
and we like to use
what we have
or things we can find at flea markets
or in our parents’ attics
(eco friendly and cheap!).
Our place is constantly changing.
Our wish is that the house stays vibrant and that it tells a story.
We want a playful atmosphere and that visitors and the ones who live
here feel relaxed and joyful.
We hope the house reflects us.
We love colorful objects with a history and, of course, great design.”
Gunilla Holm Platou

Effortless speaks of involving little or no effort;
it is in no way forced and therefore allows
who you are to come naturally to the fore.

Using what we have tells me that
we don’t need more stuff.
Know that what you have is sufficient;
it’s how you use it that matters.

Eco friendly and cheap – is there any other way?

A place that constantly changes has a storyline of exploration.
Seeing what we have in a new light and presenting it in a fresh way.
It is the joy of rearranging, mending and repainting.

Vibrant is a synonym for energetic, pulsating, alive.
It speaks of a vivacious space with no
deathly embarrassed corners.

Photo: designsponge

A home that tells a story is one that chronicles
the lives of those within the walls,
not of some faceless interior designer who
decided to put that, there!
It’s the only home to aim at having…

Playful atmospheres tell of a home that
does not take itself too seriously,
one that has a tongue in cheek approach
to design, one that can laugh,
even at itself.

Colourful is a reflection of the natural world.
It says goodbye to a double beige existence
and hello to an effervescent one.

History is of course about
his story and her story;
it is about your story.
Let your home tell tales of interest and depth,
but even the boring stories are worth it,
let them have their say.

Great design is about intended purpose,
it’s about function and deliberate beauty.
We are all products of great design, we all have it in us.

Gunilla and Eivind leave no space
for trying to make big impressions.
It’s all about contentment and being real.

It’s about creating a place of comfort for your family and friends.

Unpretentious and human, a place to love being in.
A home where you can love and be loved.

When you get down to it,
isn’t that all you really want?


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