A Beautiful Nap

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity.

Italy’s creative giant, Leonardo Da Vinci’s  had an insatiably
curious approach to life.
He was one of the most creative people ever to have lived!

The word curious is an eagerness to know something.
It’s about being inquisitive and inquiring.
It’s about probing, questioning and nosing your way into
new knowledge or experience.
Curiosity is a channel for creativity and learning .
It is a catalyst that moves us into a fresh awareness and understanding.

But we don’t have time for it!
Being curious takes time and we live in a quick, “get it done now society”.
Writer Linda Dessau states that “When we approach that blank canvas,
empty stage or notebook paper in a state of curiosity,
we’re truly opening the door to the muse — to our “inner artist”.
It’s possible that we each have an inner artist but the lives we lead,
bar the way to ever finding him or her.
Our way of life never allows us to experience the quietness of
simply sitting, thinking and resting.
Many of us actually feel proud that we don’t take lunch hours!

Leonardo was born into Italian society where the
‘siesta così bella’ translated, “such a beautiful nap”
was a jewel in the crown of the Italian day.
The Siesta rested and re-energized.
It’s in  that a land of artistry and curiosity was kindled.
Let’s kindle our curiosity.
Let’s be proud of our moments of rest.
Let’s actually take the time to breathe deep into our stomachs for a change.

May you be inquisitive today and eager to know something new.
May your inner artist introduce itself and may you find a moment of true rest.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and I’m rushing off, there’s a lot to do! 🙂


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