Microscopic beauty – it’s in you

Photo: National Geographic

Hi this is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity.

A while back I met a woman,
her extra-ordinariness lay in the striking art she produced.
I remember standing with her in the kitchen of a friend
as she uttered the dreaded words,
“Oh, I’m not really creative!”
My eyes glazed over and I could not breathe.
What shot out of my mouth not intended to be nasty,
but it was a little extreme.
“If pond scum can have the beauty of creativity
in it why can’t you?”

Pond scum…

My boys had lent a book from the library.
The characters in the book went on thrilling
adventures into the microscopic world.
We read it with Google close at hand.
One of their adventures took place in –
you guessed it, pond scum!
As the book explained what they saw on a microscopic level
we Googled and discovered the magnificent diatoms (algae)
that are to be found in a slimy puddle.
My thought was that if pond scum can hold microscopic
beauty what do we harbor within?
On first glance at the slippery pond we steer clear
and maybe even feel relief that we have
none of that stuff on our hands.
As we peer into it’s greenness we do not imagine the splendor,
the intricate structure,
the divine order that lies in its murk.
Glancing into our own depths we may feel the lack of
creativity or imagination.
We may instinctively steer clear of putting
ourselves out there on a creative level.
But I believe that if figuratively,
we were to pick up a microscope and really take a look,
we’d be astounded at the wonder and
God given creativity that awaits.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and you are way beyond pond scum,
so the bottom line is – never say you’re not creative with me around!

Contact me to find out about my workshops, I am passionate about walking with you on your creative journey.


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