Are You Feeling Generous?

Photo: Sharon D Pruitt

Hi it’s Tania  and we’re talking creativity.

Recently I heard the saying that generosity is learned when you have nothing.

Without scarcity we cannot truly know what having enough is all about.
Take the loaves and fishes for example.
It was only in the place of extreme need that the miracle could take place.
Those few loaves and fish were put into an environment of thankfulness
and thousands were fed – not only that,
there were generous portions left over.

Be creative with your ability to give today.
Generosity liberates!

We often have a tendency to hold tightly to what we have.
We hoard and store.
We want more.

Creativity is about making something out of nothing.
Remember, creativity loves nothingness,
because out of that we can nurture something new into being.
So today be creative with your generosity.
Be generous with your smile, your words, share your sandwich,
make coffee for the grump – you know your life.

Relax your grip on what is yours and give some if it away.
Give from a place of thankfulness.
Make friends with the word ‘grateful’ and at the end of the week have
a story of generosity to tell.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and I’m feeling a little generous today.


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