Delicious Christ mas!

Photo: Taan

Hi it’s Tania and we’re talking creativity

Christmas excites me; it’s an excuse to celebrate!
It’s an excuse to hail a king, an excuse to feast,
to give and be generous.
There’s the fun of dragging a tree into the house
and decorating it, the fun of flashing lights,
the awesome experience of the innocent faces of
my children, dizzy with excitement.

Christmas tells us that the year is almost at an end
and the new one is about to make its way around the corner.
It is about the new beginning of Christ’s life and ours.
New beginnings are delicious things and in our household
we rejoice in Christmas.

Christmas is also a time to be creative.
When you set your Christmas table put floating candles in crystal vases,
or put a huge bowl of them in the center of the table instead of flowers.
If you have small kids you can take a sheet of newsprint and let them
paint it in reds and greens or a profusion of colour
and use it as a table cloth.
Tie long streams of ribbons from the top of your tree cascading to the floor.
Uncover the meanings of the names of each person
who will be sitting at your table and print or write it out on nice looking paper,
even thick tracing paper does the trick.
Stick it to the back of each chair or make a napkin ring out of it.
Little touches here and there are meaningful,

I love to hang the names of those coming to us for Christmas Eve onto the tree.
it’s a simple exercise of Googling “meaning of names”,
or going to and clicking on baby names
on the left hand side of the page.
For example I’ve just discovered that my Uncle Casper’s name means
One of Treasure and Casper was apparently the name of one of the three wise men!
Print, or write the names onto card, punch a hole,
put ribbon through it and tie it to the tree.
At one part of the evening everyone can  find their name
and read the origin and meanings,
you can add an extra note or scripture of your own as well.
This year I am adding the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
we’ll read them out and weave the special story
that Christmas is actually all about.

Revel your relationship with God this Christmas.
Give love and creativity.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to remember Christ and celebrate life.


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