Are you Free Spirited?


Photo: Sharon D Pruitt

Hi, it’s Tania  and we’re talking creativity.

What does it mean to be free spirited?
The words open and lively, gutsy and energetic come to mind.
Years ago I received a book
The Creative Companion by Sark
as a Christmas gift.
The way that she viewed the world and creativity fascinates me.
She is open and vital in her creativity yet so honest about the difficulties of her life.
In her book Sark encourages us to
loosen up, open up and relax.
People often describe her as a free spirited person.
But aren’t spirits meant to be free?
Freedom is often a choice.
Practice freedom in the way that you love, says Sark.

Old people especially need extra love, not less.
Here’s how to treasure an old person Sark style.

Seek them out.
Give them some joy.
Listen closely.
Develop your patience.
Tune up your sensitive humour.
Remember that every old person is a library.
Bring the gift of yourself.
Be voluntary.
Hug willingly.
Consider your future old person.
Try respect.
Handle with caring.
Be gentle.
Pray together.
Pay attention and the treasure will be revealed.

As we approach the New Year, choose to be free spirited by making more eye contact with elderly people.
The aged are often ignored.
Strike up conversation in que’s.
Take a moment to really talk;
the elderly have walked a long road in the skin of their own humanity –
they have much to share.

Consider who you will be at 80…

Embrace  your life now.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt and I pray that 2011 will be a time for you to live and love more creatively.


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