Photo: Sharon D Pruitt

Hi this is Tania Ahlfeldt and we’re talking creativity

The zany and very alive author SARK advocates succulent living,
now I have many succulent plants growing in my garden,
but succulent living?
The word succulent means juicy, moist, tender and luscious.
The opposite is parched, dry, dehydrated and thirsty.
We all want to live lives that aren’t thirsty and dried out.
How do we become more succulent, more exuberant?
To experience richness is to step out of the comfort of
saying no and dwelling on the negative.

It’s so easy to find people to be negative with.
It’s easy to complain and herd together with those
who have been wounded in some way,
be it simply the boss or the irritating bank experience .

To practice succulence you shake off the draining behaviour
and start sharing joy.
It’s about becoming a life giver and knowing the giver of life!
Jesus gave life and a new take on living it.
At every corner he astounded people with his words and his ways.
He came up against the religious and the dry parched souls
by giving true living water.

Sark says that we must insist on succulence!
Our lives are too rich and rare to have less.
We will grow more as we practice, but growing can be uncomfortable,
loud and unfamiliar.
It involves breaking out of our cages, boxes and stereotypes
and being who we really are.
It means separation from being victims,
it means change.

Letting go of what others think (that’s hard)!

Letting go of narrow possibilities, (and I like this one) letting go of tight clothes and uncomfortable shoes.

Growing means making the most alive choices.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to say yes to succulence!


2 thoughts on “Thirsty?

  1. Dear Tania – thank you for this. I often visit your blog in the hope of finding a new inspirational post. Living in the Kalahari we had a succelent garden amongst the desert sand, how amazing the fresh reds and oranges and dark deep green which seemed to defy the climate and blossemed stronger the more arid the landscape became. Your posts are like that, ‘succulents’ in an arid desert bringing color to fawn. 🙂

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