Life can be Bumpy


Sharon D Pruitt

Hi, it’s Tania and we are talking creativity

Life in general can be a bumpy ride and 2011 has gotten off
to quite a start for many of us.
I sat writing this piece in the early hours of the morning
and to be honest, wondered if there was anything
that I could share with you.
In my life I am struggling with the art of change.
There are certain paradigms  that just remain.

All around me I see people living out their life patterns,
stuck in a way of doing that is virtually set in the
stone of personality and circumstance.
Our preferred style is fine of course, but at some stage we must grow!

Growing can be painful.
As I lie at night and rub my son Aaron’s growing legs,
I am reminded of my growing pains as a child.
Now as an adult I sense that in certain areas of my life
my growth has stunted and those areas cry out when I try and change.
Then of course I settle back into the old way.

I watched a man the other day,
he flaunted his authority and it was a little ugly.
I could see he couldn’t help it, it was his pattern.
His behaviour only got half the desired result,
there was compliance but without respect.

What if he had approached the situation in a different way to his norm?
My thought process is that we need to use our creativity to change.

But can we be brave enough?
Brave enough to break out of the old skin so to speak.
It takes prayer and faith, but it also takes action.

Creativity is the art of inventiveness, ingenuity, vision and resourcefulness
so maybe growth and change is but a creative moment away!
I am a traveler on a journey to discover change.
I am seeking out the creative spark,
not the one that splodges paint onto paper,
but the one that ignites the ability, the capacity to look at that
which I don’t like and modify it.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt, pray with me for creative transformation!


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