My 73 year old Mother in Law Facebooks!


Sharon D Pruitt

Hi this is Tania and we’re talking creativity.

If Facebook were a country it would be the
3rd largest in the world!
I am always on the lookout for things to
comment on in my moments with you.
Right now I am in awe at the creative
developments of technology.
Let’s take Facebook, literally a realm on its own –
the other day my cousin commented that she won’t join FB
as anyone would then be able to connect with or contact her.
The quaintness of her statement amused me as I am at present
able to Facebook my 65 year old mother
and 73 year old mother in law!
Last year my mom in law bravely bought her 1st computer and now
she Skype’s more than I do!
Over the weekend I commented on her glorious orange cake.
“Oh just Google “orange cake and click on Grandma’s Orange Cake”
she commented breezily.
I am so proud of her.

Let’s go back a couple of years.
Do you know that many people were appalled at the thought
of installing a telephone?
What if they received calls from someone they didn’t know
or didn’t want to talk to?
Most just did not see any sense in that new fangled invention
where your voice traveled through a wire!
We are facing technological revolution after revolution!
The creativity of minds and computers is moving faster than we dare think of.
Within the next 5 years technological knowledge
will have increased by a million fold.
That is you, in 5 years time, being faced with more than the dynamic convenience
or intimidation of Facebook.
Imagine having had great grandparents that refused to use a phone?
The idea is preposterous.
It takes a courageous mindset to move towards the vast future.
It takes new insight to anticipate the creative wonders of the communication that waits.
Do not be content to live in the dark ages
and imagine that being ‘phone-less’ (and I say this tongue in cheek)
will solve your fear.
Know this thing that intimidates you.
Glory in the freedom it gives to communicate.

One day we will be sitting in our cyber rockers knitting with our digital yarn,
remembering and laughing at the old-world charm of Facebook.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt trying to work out where we stand in the fast paced, creative world around us.

PS: It is called Social Media and already many universities no longer issue email addresses!
This is the new way to communicate and by the way, telephones are SO one dimensional…



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