This is artist Sonia Strumpfer and she is opening up her home…


When you walk through the home of Eastern Cape artist Sonia Strumpfer you find yourself surrounded by vibrant, yet calming work that sits easy on the walls in her home.
She herself has a calming vibrancy about her and a personality that draws one in.
I love the fact that at the end of the month Sonia is opening up her home
and studio to the PE public,
so I spent time chatting with her about what made her tick and
about how she entered into the art world.

As long as she remembers she’s always loved drawing and making art pieces.
Sonia was at school back in the seventies when art wasn’t a subject,
so studying art wasn’t an option that she considered.
Her studies led her to a BA in Communication and Journalism instead.
Interestingly enough Sonia also trained as a Intensive Care Nurse
and even now her skills and knowledge don’t go waste.
That’s why once a week you’ll find her at Kleinskool where she helps runs a
Primary Health Care Clinic for people living in very poor conditions.

It was only 10 years ago that Sonia took the brave step to become a fulltime artist.
To her art like a flower is there simply to be beautiful and to give one pleasure.
As I walk around her home and stare at her works, I find that to be true.
For me her art is abstract and beautiful with strong feminine flair.
Art is meant to be celebrated, it’s meant to be a part of the community,
and galleries can be intimidating spaces…
So here is a chance to visit Sonia in her home at Nobbs Rd, Summerstrand.
Her open house is on the 25th, 26th and afternoon of the 27th of November,
come and chat to her, sit at her kitchen table, sample her
freshly brewed coffee and melt in the mouth shortbread.

Come and be inspired!

This it Tania Ahlfeldt and I am taking time to celebrate the artists in the Eastern Cape.

You can phone Sonia on 082 861 2914 for more information.


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