What Do you See?


My mom has a dear old friend who over the years lost most of her vision in both eyes.
Her tragedy was that lack of finance kept her from getting the operations she desperately needed. So this sweet lady spent way too much time in the dark.
However, the miracle she was waiting for arrived…
Via a series of events she was able to have her operations.
After years in a twilight zone she received 90% vision, first in one eye and then in the next!

Can you imagine that?

While driving with my mom I eagerly asked how Aunty Sue felt about being able to see again.
Her answer made me a danger to traffic!
It took a while for me to recover and for it to sink in.
“Aunty Sue said that that now she can see all the dirt!” my Mom said.

The dirt.

The romantic me was devastated.
The romantic me was waiting for talk about brilliant skies, lush grass, her sons face, the spray of the waves, petals.
The answer I got,
was dirt…

I do understand that dirt stresses us out.
Dirt is an ugly part of life, a part we need to see and take care of.
I was in a talk the other night and the headmaster of our school encouraged us to find what’s right with the world.
Apparently when National Geographic send photographers out, they are briefed to look for and find what’s right with the world.

I liked that.

If you were living in the partial dark for years.
If you were given the gift of sight.
If you could open your eyes into colour and light.
Would you look with the critical or the creative eye?

You don’t need darkness to make that choice.

My prayer for you this week is that you will go out and really see.
Celebrate wrinkly faces and smooth baby ones.
Celebrate sight.
Eat with your eyes!

This is me Tania Ahlfeldt – go out and find what is right with the world!


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