Make Warm Connections


I want to live a more soulful life.
This long weekend we entertained four days in a row and it got me thinking about the soul of authentic entertaining.
Remember that authentic is about being real and authentic entertaining finds it roots in hospitality.
Hospitality is about reaching out and drawing others in.
It is about connection to others and in our rushed lives we all too often realise that that which is missing, is deep connection.
The blessing of hospitality was a gift my darling gran carried with her always and she certainly had no lack of deep connections, over and over again people were drawn in by her warmth.

My heart keeps coming back to our fast-paced world, we naturally get into routines and rhythms with our families and schedules, and how busyness sets in.
Even though we naturally long to spend time with family and friends, we often lose sight of what’s important.

Busyness comes in when our demanding schedules hinder our getting together with those we love.
Disappointment takes over when we stop connecting, when we’re hurt or when others don’t reciprocate.
Neglect is when we forget that relationships are eternal, the most important thing in our lives.

My encouragement to you is to invite people into your home.
The best gifts in life are enjoying the relationships around us, the blessings of eating and drinking together, listening and engaging with one another.
The weather has changed and we can feel the autumn chilliness, even with a few summer days lingering, it’s time to get cozy.
It’s time for warmer connections that honestly may take you outside of your comfort zone, but in the end, will bring happiness and contentment.
Warm connections are a secret ingredient to ending loneliness.

Do you struggle, like most of us do, with busyness, disappointment or neglecting what could be warmer connections in your life?
It takes you act!
It takes you to reach out and invite someone into your space.
You can be creative about this.
A thick soup and crusty bread with garlic butter (mmmmm can you taste it?)
A little candlelight, some music, green leaves and a flower from your garden placed into a vase (it is that simple!)
Simplicity and genuineness are the keys to hospitality.

You don’t need money to do it, some of our worst dinners have been in wealthy homes where the host has set out to impress.

Just create an oasis of warmth and let some people in.

This is me Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to dig in, open your home and throw out the need to impress

A recipe that will get you connecting!

Tomato Soup with Roasted Peppers
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tin whole peeled tomatoes
1 tin tomato purée
2 rashers of bacon
2 rounds of feta
2 red peppers
1 TBS Ina Parman chicken stock
1 piece of fresh rosemary (don’t hold back, fresh herbs do wonders for soups)
Black pepper
2 tsp sugar

The recipe:
Fry the onion and bacon until cooked through.
Crush the garlic and add to the above, cook for two min.
Brush the red peppers with olive oil and roast them in your oven until soft, slice and throw them into the pot.
Add the whole peeled tomatoes, tomato purée, crumbled feta and sugar.
Mix the stock with a litre of water and add.
Let the soup bubble gently stirring occasionally for 1 hour.
Add black pepper and salt to taste.
Thicken if you need to.
If you like your soup finer, blitz it with a hand blender.

Serve with toasted bread and garlic butter…

Add a little more sugar if the tomatoes are too tart.
Add a small tub of cream! (at the end)
Crumble feta over the top of each bowl of soup just before serving.
Substitute the fresh rosemary for 1 tsp dried Italian herbs 😦
Buy yourself a rosemary bush and keep it outside your kitchen door!



4 thoughts on “Make Warm Connections

  1. So very true! Our kids favourite thing in winter is soup on a rug in front of the fire – an indoor cozy family picnic…

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