Is it Really Possible?


I admit to living a life where I know that the possibility to be a better human being sits there waiting for me.
It’s as though there is a better me standing alongside, waiting for me to turn and become her.
I feel choice but all too often I live in my life pattern (the one that doesn’t work for me).
I can live it over and over and over.
It’s as though I become comfortable in my defective reactions or resonses to people and life.

Do you think that we hold the possibility of magnificence in us?
The possibility to be magnificent husbands or wives, magnificent parents or friends, staff?
The lingering feel that we could be a magnificent boss but if only the workers would change…

The art of possibility is seeing with a creative eye, what could be.

Remember God brooding over the earth?
Imagine if He’d said, “Pity, nothing can be done with that swirling mess.”
He saw what it could be and he acted.
The art of possibility is something you practise.
Possibility is a verb.
It’s the thing you do.
It is an act!

Do you know that every time you open your mouth you are in a place of leadership?
You can either lead people into your downward spiral or you can take them with you into the place of possibilities.
This can be hard when we face difficulty, when we face a daughter with ADD or a husband who is indifferent.
It can be hard when we face a wife who is in emotional crisis, a mother with Altzheimers, or staff who are disgruntled.
It is hard when you face financial crisis.
But the choice is fairly simple…
Or better?

The famous conductor Benjamin Zander told a story of two shoe salesmen who were sent into Africa in the early 1900’s.
The one telexed the company in England to say, “Disaster, nobody wears shoes over here”.
The other telexed saying “Yreka! Endless opportunity! They have no shoes…”

Can you imagine the first guys face?
A furrow in his brow.
Shoulders hanging.
(I call it the thundercloud look.)

Now think of the other guy.
Eyes shining.
Excitement in his voice.
An air of what’s up ahead as he struts down the street observing with the eye of possibility all the dusty feet around him.

They both faced the same situation.

The one closed in.
The other opened up.

Which one are you?
Which one would you rather be?

We all live knowing that possibility lies on the horizon.
Most of us have had life knock us around more than just a bit.

Can you say yes to using your God given creativity to open up?
Or are you content to say, “Disappointment! They wear no shoes…”

This is me, Tania Ahlfeldt and I am straining against the complex pull to close in, but today I choose to follow the God who says that all things are possible.


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