Back to the Future


One of my favourite movies of all time has to be Back to the Future.
What made it even more special was that the lightning hit the tower on the 26 of October 1966, the day my husband Alan was born.

We have dutifully turned our children into Back To The Future freaks and I must say that I often love to imagine what the future holds.

My gran remembered riding on an ox wagon.
She remembered the novelty of getting a home telephone.

Last night as my one sons struggled with maths and the other did the carpet role while I was asking him his spelling, I did some multi tasking.
I googled “Jobs of the Future”.
These boys in my living room will be living in a world far removed from mine if technology does what it promises and increases by a million fold in the next 5 years!

It turns out that the British Government was just ahead of me! (don’t you just love it when they do that?)
They ordered a study on “Jobs of the Future” to be conducted by a select group of thinkers and futurists.

How interesting was the outcome.

Here are some of my favourites:

Body part maker: Will grow living body parts from your DNA.
They say there’ll be no need for a Para-Olympics by the 30’s.
You will be able to replace your organs as they wear out.

Enter the…
Elderly wellness consultant: As an aging population increases in size due to longevity breakthroughs, we’ll need folks to tend to their physical and mental needs.
Enter the…
Memory augmentation surgeon: (me first please!) These surgeons will have the task of boosting their patients’ memory.

Nano-medic: Nanotechnology is changing healthcare.
A nano meter is one billionth of a meter in size. In the ideal situation, nanobots — possibly powered by the charged particles in your blood will move through your body delivering medications or fixing your ailments. Invasive surgery could be a thing of the past.

Space pilots, tour guides and architects: Space tourism will need space pilots, tour guides and the architects that will allow them to live in lunar outposts.
This gives new meaning to “Mommy, Mommy I want to go into tourism!”. “Yes, dear just make sure you stay on this planet will you?”

Vertical farmers: The future of farming is straight up.
Vertical farms, much like tall parking towers, situated in urban areas will significantly increase food supply as more of us stay on this planet for longer.

Climate change reversal specialist: Regardless of what you think about human-induced climate change, it’s clear we’ll need scientists who specialize in altering it.
Enter the…
Weather modification police: If weather patterns can be altered and adversely affect other parts of the world, law enforcement will be needed to keep things legal. (Bruce Willis better start having his organs replaced, I see a new career path up ahead.)

Classroom avatar manager: Intelligent avatars will replace classroom teachers, but the human touch will be needed to properly match teacher to student. No more buying chocolates or sending the teacher flowers!

Alternative vehicle developers: Goodbye, internal combustion engine.
Zero-emission cars will need smart people to design and manufacture them as will the flying car.

Narrowcasters: As in, the opposite of “broadcaster.”
Media will grow increasingly personalized, and we’ll need people to handle all those streams.

Virtual clutter organizer: Now that your electronic life is more cluttered than your physical one, you’ll need someone to clean things up — including your e-mail, desktop and user accounts. (Mmmm my computer is all choked up.)

Time broker/Time bank trader: What’s more valuable than precious metals, stones or cold, hard cash?
Your time.

Social ‘networking’ worker: A social worker for the Web generation.

Branding managers: These already exist for celebrities, but now everyone needs a “personal brand” so others can easily digest who you are and what you stand for. (That sounds exhausting to me.)

The head whirls.
I imagine how my gran would laugh her little laugh if I had to share these with her.

All that I am certain of is that to face our future we have to place our hand firmly into that of our Creator and utilise the creativity HE has placed in us.

This is me Tania Ahlfeldt, opening your future career options.
But seriously I do need that memory augmentation!


5 thoughts on “Back to the Future

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