Lafras – the New Millenium Man!


This is an update about Lafras Moolman, you might have read about him in my previous blog.

2 birds landing took on the task of turning Lafras’s bedroom into a home for him.
Well, this week Lafras received his new bedding courtesy of Kelly Niemandt of New Room Interiors (Main Road, Walmer, PE). He was gleeful, grateful and spoke words to us that were balm to the soul, “Ladies, I am honoured, really honoured and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was just the encouragement I needed.”

Lafras’s new home, Quad House in Newton Park, PE is facing huge financial challenges, so we stand with him and believe that a solution will be found.

It felt good to walk away knowing that he would be slipping between fresh custom made sheets and bedding thanks to Kelly’s creativity. His computer table received a funky polka dot cover and his chair got a new upholstered cushion.

We are attempting to use our creativity to make a difference in just one life. We know that Lafras’s barriers can be overcome. He is a special part of our community; we teased him and told him that with custom made bedding he is now a New Millennium Man, no Mr Price for him!

Is there someone out there who can benefit from your creativity?
Be open; that someone might be coming your way.

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