Do You Like Dirt?


I remember a prophet who once told me that my creativity made me always search for the new.
“God made you that way” he added.
So, in the light of that, I guess it’s a good thing.

The frustrating part is that I tend to get bogged down by practises that are stale.
I get annoyed when institutions just do things because they have always been done that way.
I feel Irritated when teachers don’t have a globe in their classroom and colour on the walls;
when the pages of my kids books are white with blue lines and pencil scribblings.

It’s the desire to see a glimmer of more than just ordinary.
The desire to see the expression of who people are, instead of the masked stoic ness they put on daily.
We are beings trapped in the self.
The self is ever watchful, the masked ‘you’ that projects an image.
The self protects, hides, polishes the mask.
The self is driven by fear.

The self tells the free child within us, to keep quiet and behave – people are looking!
It gives the adult a hand, pulling it firmly to its feet to stand watch.

I believe that there is a free child in each of us.
Ready to express.
Ready to create.
No matter our ages – 14 or 74.
The free child waits.

Can you find him?
Can you find her?
Can you relax a little?

The free child finds wonder in everything.
The free child sees the texture in the peeling wall.
To the free child, even dirt is interesting.

This is me, Tania Ahlfeldt, encouraging you (encouraging myself) to drop the mask and experience creative freedom.

Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt


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