Breathe, It’s a New Year


December is a strange time.
A time of intense joy.
A time of intense pain.
It’s when we joyfully celebrate with those we love.
It’s also a time when we are forced to deal with those we don’t love.
It’s a bittersweet time where we realise that those we’ve lost, are truly gone.
It’s a time of emotion.
That strong feeling derived from ones mood, circumstances and relationships with others.
Chances are that the month of December gave us an opportunity to experience it all.


The family gathers together.
The family can drive us nuts.
We discover again, that other people do it differently from us.
It’s also a time where we can experience feelings of vulnerability.
A time where the people around us can feel vulnerable – because of us.

As you face the new year
I encourage you to look at what you have experienced this holiday.
To measure your reactions or responses to it.
I encourage you to go to a place where you find, that just because they’re different, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.
How does this tie into creativity?
You may well ask.
Creative thinking is a state of mind where you can view ideas, people and situations from many angles.
You can discover that not EVERYTHING is about you.
You can realise that not EVERYTHING is being done to you.

So go on, enter the new year with your eyes and your heart open.
Find joy in ordinary moments and have the courage to lean into it.
Practise gratitude.
Know that feeling vulnerable is a part of life.
Families can be crazy.
Friends can be weird.
You are not going to get it all right, alright?
Being wrong isn’t the worst thing on earth.
See things from other viewpoints.
Love the fact that others do it differently.
Stop holding so tightly onto your way.
Let go a little.
Open your heart.
Be kinder.
Even though it hurts, let us, through grace, find the courage to love more.


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