Do I HAVE to be Vulnerable?


My darling husband Alan loves to share new insights with me.
A while back Al settled me down on the couch to watch a TED video by an American researcher called Brené Brown.
Her talk was on the subject of vulnerability and it hit into the very heart of me.
Since then I have watched her talk a number of times, Al and I discuss it frequently and I have shared it with those I love.
When we think of the word vulnerability, we immediately feel a little vulnerable and vulnerable, let’s face facts, is NOT the place where we want to be.

Instead, we want the opposite.
We seek to be assured.
We seek power.
We want to be strong and to dispel all doubt.
We want to be certain to get…

Vulnerability means wobbly ground does it not?
Even quicksand!
We want solid under our feet.
We want to sit down at that piano and play the piece through perfectly.
We want the job praised .
We want the “Well done”.
We want to KNOW we are doing it right.

Vulnerability is a very necessary part of being human.
To be vulnerable is movement into the new.
It’s when we dare greatly.
And it’s in daring greatly that we are able to discover.
It’s when we take the chance.
It’s that place of humanness we find ourselves in as we indulge in a creative action.

To be creative is to be vulnerable.
I am sorry, but that’s real.
Creativity (and you know my thinking on this) is not an option for us.
We have it, whether we use it or not.
Maybe the time is ripe to put ourselves out there.
To acknowledge our vulnerability in the face of trying to prove how strong we are.
We all strive to armour ourselves.
And of course we need it, we cannot walk through life unprotected.
But we need to know when to open up.
For it is in the opening up, that true strength lies.

So go out there and say “I need help with this!”, say “I love you”, tell them “I am trying something new here, bear with me.”
Encourage those around you as they try and fail.
Celebrate with them as they attempt and succeed.

This is me Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to acknowledge the creativity, vulnerability and humanness in yourself and others.

Join Al and I plus millions of people who have been inspired by Brené Brown.

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