I Should, I Should, I Should


I am driving alone and “the shoulds” seep into my self talk.

I should exercise more.
I should eat healthier.
I should get more insurance.
I should spend more time with God.
I should love more.
I should sort out the garage.
I should do that proposal.
I should phone my Uncle.
I should invite so and so for supper.
I should paint the wall.
I should do a course.
I should take the dog for a walk.
I should have the toaster fixed.
I should look for a different job.
I should be a better parent, son, daughter, wife, husband.

I should…
I should…
I should…
You know them, those shoulds.

The shoulds lie there just under the skin.
They roll around pricking us.
They attempt to motivate us to move in their many, multitasking directions.
The shoulds tell us that we never do enough.
We could be better.
We must push harder.
They don’t switch off.

And yet, here I am telling you that you should be more creative.
So what does that even mean?
Being more creative?
Should you all run out and buy canvases?
Should you immediately start crafting, carving, sculpting, painting, printing?

Today, I take the should out of your creative life.
I encourage you to quietly and calmly recognise that creativity is just a part of your being.
It is NOT something you HAVE to DO.
Rather, it is that which you are.

You are created.
You cannot help that.
So allow your creativity to simply dawn on you.
Let it dawn on you as you garden.
Let it occur to you as you love.
Let it flow over you as you stare at beauty.
Let it rise as you toss something in the pot for supper.
Let it surface as you return home to your family after work.
Allow it to affect you as you worship.
As you interact.
As you speak.
As you live.

Be open to it.
Recognise it.
Revel in it and don’t lift a finger!

This is me, Tania Ahlfeldt and today I celebrate that YOU are a creative human being.

PS: let it be known that if you want to paint, sculpt, carve, print, write – go for it!


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