Of Course the World Needs Logic!


So there I was, standing on the edge of a soccer field.
Watching my son pretend that he was in a glass box.
There wasn’t that much happening on the field at the time.
The boy pressed his hands against an imaginary glass box which
the looks of things was all around him.
Much like the pride some moms feel when their sons score a goal –
I said to myself, “Look at that dear boy using his imagination!”

Creativity starts there – in the imagination.
When I observe our world, I see that God has a pretty fantastical one –
what with millipedes, atoms, rhinos, space and our diversity as humans.

To imagine is to form a mental image or concept.
Without it, not much would be invented – ever!

I read up on the remarkable Einstein the other day.
I’ve always pictured him being immersed in science and numbers.
What I discovered was that in actual fact, he was a man immersed in imagination.
Old Einstein felt that he was enough of an artist to draw freely upon his imagination.
He made the beautiful statement that logic will get you from A to B, but imagination?
It will take you everywhere…

How often do you turn down the volume on your imagination
and turn up the volume on your logic?
Of course the world needs logic,
but it’s desperately thirsty for more inspired imagination.

By saying these things I am not talking about just winging it,
and vaguely taking off in flights of fancy.
I am talking about living within the great story of a creative life.

The great story is that we were created with the power to imagine.
Every grand act starts with one single moment of imagination on the soccer field,
in the shower, just before falling asleep.
Imagination is where your brain can play and create.
It’s where God can inject his desires…

Part of our story is that we live life sandwiched between knowledge and mystery.
We live between beauty and ugliness.
We live between faith and confusion.
Between domesticity and wildness.
The child and the adult.
Love and brokenness
Pain and comfort.

But as humans, we have the ability to know and to imagine.
That is glorious.
That has no limit.
It rings of vistas.
It rings of freedom.
And you, were born for it.

This is me, I am Tania Ahlfeldt and I believe that there is power in your imagination.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt


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