Hi I am Tania Ahlfeldt and I live on the coast of Africa.

My role, my duty, my pledge is to inspire. It’s why God placed me here.

The Creative Moment is a collection of my thoughts and writing centering on creativity.
They came about as a result of Teunis Pienaar from Kingfisher FM (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) encouraging me to record a moment a week for his listeners.
It’s as a result of the man in my life, my husband Alan who always believes in my
creativity and is my biggest fan!

All of the moments you read here have been broadcast.

All of the moments here challenge me as I walk a road of creativity that is driven and beautiful,
yet filled with self criticism.

I long to be freed and to free.
Join me on my journey to creative freedom.


What to say?

Fresh morning in my nostrils, the sun is bright on a berry, red tucked deep into the green.
Aaron wanders by and his hand reaches for the roll on my tummy (a favorite playmate).
Does he have to remind me?

I look back through the openness and my herbs lie content
waiting to be grabbed and tossed into the pot.
The lemon tree is finding its roots.
I am in my40’s and savoring the enjoyment and panic
of becoming wise.

As I page through my journal I laugh at my description of middle age…
“Middle aged, those words look and sound like a big ugly pudding,
wobbly, loaded, unhealthy”.
My journal is the receiver of my authenticity.
I give journal writing workshops when I’m moved to do so and the
women walk away with creative stimulation in their veins.

My art is on the walls.
The mosaic is a work in progress.

The circle runner made by 2 Birds Landing, a company I co-own
with my fantastic friend Jacqui lies relaxed in our passage.
Our name makes us laugh.
We often refer to ourselves as two birds in need of coffee!

My home sits easy around me, an expression of our sense of humor.
Ethan races to the edge of the deck and climbs down via the tree to his trampoline.
I see the sea from my bedroom.
I breathe.
It’s been hard work to get here.

Alan, my love has phoned to say that we have a conference next Friday.
I enjoy working alongside him, doing his branding, flowers,
creating an environment!

And so it is time to save check my mail,
Primo needs a pat
and the chilli plant is asking to be watered.
I must remember to stop off to get paint for the school play,
make the pavlova,
remind God that I’m still around,
check that the maths work is done.

Mmm, I wonder if there’s time to read just one page of my new book?


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hi tania. we are lying in bed. it is almost 11. we’ve the dell-atom open, wirelessly connected to your blog. we’re sharing your thoughts, reading each post carefully. talking about it. talking about our animal & our history & perhaps being the lady with the scarf. your blog add something to our life. we look forward to each new post. Z

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