Creative Friends

Isla Morley – USA

Writer and artist (don’t be fooled by the American address,she’s
South African to the core, hey Isla?)

My friend Isla’s first novel, Come Sunday has resonated within me.
Please go out and order this book, it’s a must read.

“A heart-wrenching tale of unthinkable loss and hard-won healing,
Come Sunday grips your heart from the first page and doesn’t let go.
Isla Morley takes us on an unforgettable journey from the hills of Hawaii
to the plains of South Africa,daring us to join her
as she crosses racial and cultural divides.

This is a novel to savor, like the lingering notes of a fine wine.”
Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants

Abigail Nurse – Sydney Australia
Artist and ‘Creatavist’ (Plus she’s one helluva funny lady)

Imagine taking this…

Yes, it’s in your fridge right now.

And creating this…

If you desire, no crave to make one, post a comment and for a small price Abigail will email you the template.

Milk light by Abigail Nurse

Jacqui van der Westhuizen -Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Designer and ‘Creatavist’  (Plus she makes killer pavlova!)

Jax (as she’s fondly known) can make stuff!

This is her latest carpet design, Retro Square.

Enjoy it, to order visit her at

Photo: Taryn Rahl


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