Kids Poetry by Meg

Madam Mog and Chatty Cat

By Meg Harrison

Madam Mog and Chatty Cat

Living in a two-room flat

With their owner Maggie Moo

On Banana Avenue

Madam Mog is small and thin

Naughty nature, cheeky grin

Eyes of emerald, quite the brat

Loves her buddy, Chatty Cat

Chatty Cat is twice her size

Crooked tail and yellow eyes

Tabby-coloured, shaggy fur

With a rather noisy purr

Maggie Moo is short and sweet

Purple hair and tiny feet

Kind and quiet, dressed in white

Sleeps all day and works at night

Every evening when alone

Free to frolic on their own

Madam Mog and Chatty Cat

Make a mess of Maggie’s flat

Fiendish little furry pair

Chasing, pouncing, bench to chair

Wreaking havoc every night

Once sweet Maggie’s out of sight

Chatty Cat and Madam Mog

Love to tease the neighbour’s dog

Taunting from the window ledge

High above the neighbours hedge

Safe behind the closed window

Noisy barking down below

Chatty Cat and Madam Mog

Pull rude faces at the dog!…..


One warped and wicked Witchypooh

Was feared by creatures, people too

So famous was her bubbling brew

That all the land did quiver

As night grew thick, weird Witchypooh

Did cook her garish, ghoulish brew

Her acid cackles rose and grew

Both man and beast did shiver

With squeals and screeches, Witchypooh

Did stir and stoke that gruesome stew

Her hovel hidden far from view

Perched high atop the river….

Meg Harrison is an Australian poet living in Melbourne, she would love to hear how your child wants the stories to continue, so post a comment to give her some info and to tell her that you love her poetry!    Tania

Meg Harrison


One thought on “Kids Poetry by Meg

  1. Hello Meg, as a father of a 19 year old, 3 year old & an 11 month old this poetry is nice but a little too complicated for the young ones,really great content but if it were at a much more basic level the young ones would enjoy it much more. thanks keep up the great work xoxoxo

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