Write This!

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt


Creativity isn’t all about what you DO.

It’s very much about how you SEE.

How you see is part of your every day creative rhythm.

Take a moment.

What do you see?

Post a comment, let me know.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt


Write a letter to yourself aged 75.

Whatt do you want to tell yourself about your life?
What do you want to promise yourself?
How do you want to encourage the older you?

You will still be you at 75, and life would have thrown you a lot more curved balls.
Getting better or being bitter is the challenge.
Start forming a healthy picture of yourself now.

Go ahead, write the letter!


4 thoughts on “Write This!

  1. Dear Theunis

    75. Wow – didn’t think you’ll make it this far did you? Well, here you are & what a journey it has been. No one can say that it wasn’t interesting. How many careers has that been, my friend? And you thought, back when you were 19 and started studying, that it would be simplistic, straightforward & plain sailing. Good thing you had the opportunity to give it your all. And all that fear, so often, rather useless, wouldn’t you say, now, looking back.

    I’m proud of you for keeping the faith, for being solid in adversity. You know off course that you had an unfair advantage – you had Zuko by your side every stepof the way & you were miraculously surrounded by so many friends who shared your life – few have that, in so much abundance.

    And it worked out. Yes it did. The educational experiment. The risks. Even the dissapointments. It worked out fine. You ate well every day. You always had warm clothes in winter & enough luxury and enough ‘lack’ to make life interesting & rob it of mundane boredom.

    Perhaps you should have woried less. Water under the bridge. At least you did not let the worry steal your relationships. Not the important ones. The ones filled with unconditional love & acceptance. Yes, you had it right – everything is about relationships, positive ones & it was great that you didn’t waste any time on the destructive ones, the ones which threatened to obliterate who you are. If I’m glad about anything, I’m glad about that.

    Who cares about the mistakes. And who is to say that they were mistakes anyway? You did well, your intention always being to do good, add value, make a difference. And you did. Maybe you did not change society or save a nation or leave a legacy like Einstein or Ghandi, but you did make a difference. For Zuko. For Theunsie, Pippa & Soffie. For Beate. For Dolf & Binty. For Awie & Annemarie. For Ezette. For Alan, Tania, Wouter, Jacqui, Shelley, Clair, Melvin, Sonja, Julia, Liesl, Cia, Gert & Gert, Lien and even some few whose names you won’t remember or whose lives you may not have noticed. Individuals. Special, precious individuals. That is worth more than the ‘difference’ made en masse.

    You did well.

    And you’ll do well – however long you may still have to enjoy good coffee, great conversation & gregarious laughter.

    In the end those three will always remain. 😉


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