The Great Role

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Hi this is Tania and we’re talking creativity

Learning to be a creative listener is something that is
challenging me at the moment.
Inspired writer Brenda Ueland has this remarkable quote:

We should all know this: that listening, not talking, is the gifted and great role.
It is the imaginative role.
And the true listener is much more beloved, magnetic than the talker,
and he is more effective and learns more and does more good.
And so try listening.
Listen to your wife, your husband, your father, your mother, your children,
your friends; to those who love you and those who don’t,
to those who bore you, to your enemies.
It will work a small miracle.
And perhaps a great one.
Complete, absorbed, uncritical listening pulls the truth out of the talker, it frees them!
Ask your daughter to talk and tell you what she thinks.
“You love your children, but do you actually let them in.
Unless you listen, you can’t really know anybody.
Relish your children’s ideas – strive to know them instead of always showing them the pitfalls in what they say.
Listening is an act of love.
When you listen you will be astonished to see how original, independent and courageous
the people around you can be.

This is Tania Ahlfeldt encouraging you to lean closer and really hear what is being said.

Thank-you Brenda Ueland for opening me up!


3 thoughts on “The Great Role

  1. How easy it is in a moment of rush, frustration or anger to brush off a child’s long-winded version of a story or idea.

    It is said that love is spelled T-I-M-E, but maybe I’m thinking……… it’s spelled L-I-S-T-E-N ?

    I’m just saying ………..

  2. I certainly agree and am considered a good listener. Of course, it so often depends on what I’m listening to… times, it seems like just noise. On the listening side, I am always amazed at what the listener picks up in terms of insight. I have often asked the talker what they thought about what they heard, and they didn’t even hear it. Anyway, thought-provoking and great post.

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